Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What is She Doing Part II

7th grade went by in a blur and 8th grade came right up behind me. Summer, lets just say, wasn't my best months ever. I was kind of a slut. That's a different story. Anyway, in the final week of summer, I was on my friend, Stacy's, Facebook. Cecilia was on facebook and I decided to play a ridiculous prank on her. I told her that Lola and I were pregnant. [The story was: I was stoned and drunk at a party and some guy from another school took us in the woods a got both of us pregnant.] I honestly thought she would think it was a joke! But, she didn't. What an idiot. Then she called all of her friends and cried. (one point for me).

After that "dramatic" thing Cecilia didn't really talk to me. Well, we had a couple bitch- texts, but we didn't talk in person. Anyway, after that ordeal, she went on and off liking people, then she had a (as us 8th graders like to call them) thing with a freshman, then they started going out. That relationship was hilarious! First, this "guy" was an ugly person, like Sloth (from the Goonies) and A Raccoon had babies. Ugly. After This guy, Ted, we talked and he told me purty funny things about their relationship... Like: Cecilia took off her shirt and showed her boobs,  and he said she has HUGE pepperoni nipples, We're talking around slices of bologna status. And plus she has NO boobs, well neither do I, but I don't randomly show guys my boobs (and I don't have pep nips). He also said that she always came up behind him and gave him a open mouth kiss with a lot of tongue. He described it like getting a kiss from a dog, but in the back of your throat. Yuck? 

So... I guess she found out about me talking, just talking (over facebook) to him and she FLIPPED. This was after they broke up, like a 3 weeks after. During lunch, she came up to me and this is our convo: 
Her: I don't want you talking to Ted. 
Me: You're not dating.
Her: But still, don't
Me: But still, you're not dating, so it's kinda a free country.
Her: Just stop. You don't have the right to talk to him. Is he flirting with you?
Me: No!
Her: Well, What have you guys been doing? 
Me: Snapchating and texting. 
*She runs to the bathroom crying, WTF?*
Her: Ellie, stop talking to him
Me: Nah, but thanks for asking nicely. 
Her: Ellie, stop causing drama, because I hate it. 
Me: Me. Causing. DRAMA? Cecilia, you're the one that came up to me, ran to the bathroom, cried, and came back to me. 

Yup, that's about how that conversation went. Ridiculous. That caused drama for a while. But thats not the end of that. After that, Ted told me that Cecilia in boxed him and they had an entire conversation and she said that I looked like a mouse and I wasn't as cool as her because she was a '98 baby and I was a '99 baby. Ohhhh, she got me (one point for Cecilia.. Just kissing) Then, in school the next day I went up to her when I saw her in the bathroom and I said: "Hey Cecilia, do I look a little mousey today.. Oh wait it's just because I'm not as cool as you '98 babies.. Sorry" Yea, I can be mean, I wasn't that mean, just making fun of her. Damn. I love her. That's that story. More later, XOXO ME 

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