Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What is She Doing? Part I

The start to Cecilia and my pretty rocky relationship is way back in 6th grade...

After I broke up with my boyfriend, I was so mad at him, I decided to take it out on his math book. My friend and I found it and DESTROYED it. We, honestly, couldn't of made it any worse. We lit it on fire, had a car run over it a couple time, we wrote in it, ripped it, stabbed it, and even stained it with food coloring. I mean afterwards, I didn't even know it was a math book. Yes, I felt bad, but it doesn't mean that Cecilia had to threaten to tell my Vice Principal. She wasn't even a part of it, but like usual, she decided to stick her nose right where it didn't belong. She told me to pay back and I respectfully declined the offer, then she said, "If you dont give him that money, I will and I promise, tell Mr. B." After that I was scared shitless, I was in 6th grade and Mr. B was scary! So I gathered up coins and dollars to get $50 to pay for that stupid book. After that incident, I never forgave Cecilia.

Then, the summer going into 7th grade was super rough, I was very depressed because all of my friends abandoned me because Cecilia told them too. The worst part was is that my parents didn't notice, thats what made it worse. I was very suicidal and started cutting myself, not the best time of my life. I was getting call horrible names for a little 11 year old. I couldn't take it anymore, I thought everyone hated me, I didn't hang out with one person that summer. Every night I cried myself to sleep. But, I realized I was sooo over reacting. I called my friend at the last day of summer and we actually hung out. I got out of my funk and went into 7th grade with a smile on my face. 

7th Grade: Cecilia got pushed down as Queen Bee and my friend, Lola, was at the top now. 7th grade was my favorite grade, I wasn't involved in too much drama and I had friends I could trust at the time. Cecilia, on the other hand, had a really bad 7th grade. She told me, while we were having another bitch fight over text about her problems a week ago. She said she was called whore, fat, slut, bitch, ect... She said she was suicidal and depressed for the entire 7th grade, I almost felt bad for her then I read: " It was all your fault, your honestly the biggest bitch that ever lived. You ruined my life". I was super confused about that because all I ever did was tell people about what she did to me about the Math book. I didn't bitch her out or anything. But also, shes Cecilia, she just wanted to be on top again....  XOXO ME

To Be continued.

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