Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Is She Doing... The Final Chapter

Definition of Back-Stabbing-Bitch: CECILIA.
 I can say this since I don't feel bad for her anymore. After she did this final thing to me, I snapped. It started in early February where we bring in a new character into the situation, McSteamy. Cecilia and I were on talking terms. And I had the hottest little boy toy, McSteamy. Let me tell you, he was so hot. His abs, his eyes, his hair, his muscles  and his calves #turnon! And he thought I was perfect, we were getting serious, so he was going to ask me out any day. Honestly, he was the only guy that I actually thought I loved, the feeling I got with him was... amazing. Here comes a poem: My heart fluttered, my hands sweat when ever I was with him. I loved hime. LOVED! No need to applaud at my awful poem skills, it's ok.

Anyway, it started going downhill while I was in florida for Spring Break 2k13. So, to my understanding, McSteamy was getting a bit steamy with two other people. I heard from my friend Lola right when I got back. McSteamy was "hooking up" with my ex-best friend Stacy. Stacy is kind of emotionally unstable and a slut. Then, I heard the other person was.. Cecilia. Perf!! I went up to McSteamy and talked things through with him and we were ok, or so I thought.
Then the dreadful Monday the 17th came around and all hell broke loose. McSteamy asked out Cecilia, while I thought we had a thing, still. Then later that night he told me things were done between us. I was absolutely heart-broken. I didn't know what I did, until I came to school on Tuesday.

Oh My Lord, was Tuesday interesting. I felt like I was in Jersey Shore- Middle School Edition, I was told Cecilia and McSteamy were going out by seven different people in first periode. Damn I was pissed at McSteamy. But was I enraged at Cecilia! She new him and I had a thing, what a beeotch. So I went up to ask her (after I cried for a bit.. Shh, no one knows!) about McSteamy and say why she would do that. And of course she looks at me and says: "Ohhh, sorry Ellie, but McSteamy chose me. Awe poor baby wants him? Too bad, he mine. So don't ever talk to him or I will hurt you physically and emotionally." I had enough, I did what any red-blooded american would do. I TP-ed and egged her house! Then, after she found out it was me, she smacks me in the boob?!?!? WTF? Damn. Was my boob bruised, but I was super proud at the fact that I barely flinched (One point for Me!)

That was about 4 weeks ago. So that brings us to present time, today, where I still hate her (so much) and she hates me. Luckily my bruise healed quickly. Her and McSteamy are going 4 weeks Strong and I am pissed at both of them. I will never forgive Cecilia, but whatever, she's a bitch. I guess thats all for now. XOXO ME

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