Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Giraffe Squirts at Dawn

When McSteamy and I were "together" for those two months, we were REALLY dirty. It's like we couldn't talk normally.  Looking back at our texts was bad, my cheeks get bright red because of how embarrassing they were. So, of course, my friends found the worst of it. FML. It wasn't like: I like you so much. It was:
Me: I'm getting in the shower...brb

McSteamy: Why don't I come in with you?

Me: Hmmm.. I don't think that's such a good idea.

McSteamy: But it's eco-friendly!

Me: Oh when you put it that way.. Hahah. LOL
McSteamy: Come on babe, let me come over!

Me: Sorry, Can't. Maybe next week.

McSteamy: We can watch a movie. But I don't think we'll watch the entire thing.

Me: Why not?

McSteamy: We Will be doing something else.

Me: I hope it involves both of us kissing each other.;)

McSteamy: Ohh.. It will;)

(By the way, these weren't as bad as the ones we have at night, over snapchat)

So that's about how most of our conversations went on. Hot.. Right? Where does The Giraffe Squirts at Dawn come in you ask? Well, after Lola and Lucy (My other BFF) harassed me and laughed at me for awhile, they came up with a code name for it. Giraffe  because McSteamy is tall. Squirts: because it was wet;). And Dawn, because this went down at about 3 in the morning.

After McSteamy and I broke up, Lola always harasses him in Math. It's funny because I don't care and McSteamy FREAKS every time we mention those dreadful word... The Giraffe Squirts at Dawn.
So, that's that inapropro story. XOXO ME

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