Monday, May 27, 2013

Skank Summer

So, last summer lets just say, I wasn't a perfect little girl. I mean I didn't do anything, but I did start hanging out with Team Slut and their sluttiness rubbed off on me... literally. I just acted like a slut and texted people like I was a slut. I sent pictures to guys that didn't even like me. I regret everything that happened. I made out with one person from Team Slut, more than once, and she was a girl. Oh my lord, me writing this makes me feel yuckie! I didn't even kiss a guy tho. I saw more than one guy jack off.. but never actually saw the D. So if any of my reader are like team slut, lets make a vow.
I, Past Slut, promise to leave all my sluttiness behind and not let that get in the way of living my life.  I vow not to be a slut with anyone, unless we are together and committed. Then I will be a slut for him/her. I vow not to make out with girls and let guys choke the chicken while doing it. I vow not to send pictures in my A cup bra saying "Have fun;)' because, lets face it, they will obviously show their friends. (Most of the guys in my grade have seen me in a bra.. FML) Finally, I vow not to be, act, or think about being a slut. That was a phase and I'm over it. Amen....
That's it for today, that was my past, lets live in the present and hope for the future!! EMOTIONAL QUOTE!!! XOXO ME

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